Payroll year end is your final submission to HMRC for the current payroll year (2022-23). 

This is where you send information such as your Full payment submission (FPS) and Employer Payment Submission (EPS) through your payroll/accounting software. 

As an Employer what do I need to do? 

Report to HMRC your final payment for the previous tax year (which ends April 5th) 
Provide employees with P60 documents. 
Prepare for the next tax year which begins on the 6th of April. 
You will then need to send your final FPS on/before your employees’ final payday of the year so HMRC has the information. You will then from the 6th of April need to update your employee payroll records, including ensuring your payroll software is up to date. 
If you’re claiming the Employment Allowance for 2023-23 send an EPS so HMRC knows. 
By May 31st: Have issued your employees their P60 documents. 
By July 8th: Report any expenses not being processed on payroll reporting. 
By July 22nd: Pay Class 1a NIC on P11d benefits. 
Don’t forget that the national minimum wage goes up from the 6th of April so add this to your employee records too if it needs changing! 
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